Wednesday, July 3, 2013


In line at the 59th Street Starbucks. 5:30 pm. An early 20s couple:

Little Tiny Trendy Girl Wearing a Sweater in Ninety Degree Heat: No, I'm not, like, mad. I'm, I accept you for you, but it's just, like it takes me out--briefly--of our relationship. Like, I'm pulled away for a second when you do it, that's all.

Painfully Skinny Hipster Boy With A Sailor's Bracelet On: Well, when you say that, it's not a little thing. That really pisses me off. That you're like "I mean, it's fine but I like you less", that's basically what you're saying. You're saying it repels you. But in the same breath you're like "don't worry about it"...well, obviously I'm going to--

LTTGWASINDH: But that's what I'm saying you don't have--

PSHBWASBO: But I'm obviously going to worry when my girlfr--

LTTGWASINDH: There must be things I do that are like similar--

PSHBWASBO: No. I don't have anything like that.

LTTGWASINDH: That's ridiculous. You must. You have to. Come on. I'm a grownup. I can handle it.

PSHBWASBO: Well, honestly this conversation. This...This conversation does that for me. Like, when you pick at me like this and act like it's no big deal.

LTTGWASINDH: Because it IS no big deal. It's seriously--

PSHBWASBO: It's a big deal to me because now I feel like an asshole. I had no idea you even noticed. But now I'm like, thinking back to all the times, and realizing you must have felt that way so often. I do it a lot, so you must have felt that way, like, constantly--

LTTGWASINDH: That's not true. It's not constant. It's not.

PSHBWASBO: Well, right, but now I'm thinking it's like all the time.

LTTGWASINDH: Well, that's in your head, I never said that.

PSHBWASBO: But do you understand why it makes me paranoid and crazy?

Starbucks Clerk: Good afternoon, what can I get you?

LTTGWASINDH: A tall coffee. With a little room.

SC: Hot?

LTTGWASINDH: Yes, definitely.

(Pause. Typing on register.)

SC: You?

PSHBWASBO: Grande iced coffee, sweetened.

(SC types. Silence for a moment.)

LTTGWASINDH: You get sweetened?

PSHBWASBO: Yeah. Always.


SC: Will that be all?

LTTGWASINDH: I think so.


(PSHBWASBO hands him a five dollar bill. LTTGWASINDH says nothing. SC hands PSHBWASBO change. They move off to wait. Looking at their phones. He, an iphone. She--mysteriously--an android.)

LTTGWASINDH: Abby just texted me.


LTTGWASINDH: Francis Ha is playing in a half hour at Lincoln Plaza.

PSHBWASBO:  What is that?

LTTGWASINDH: It's good, I think.

(Pause. He picks up a stirrer and starts absentmindly chewing on it. Looking at facebook on his phone.)

LTTGWASINDH: Should we go?

PSHBWASBO:  Oh. Yeah, sure.

LTTGWASINDH: Cool. It's apparently great.

SC: Grande iced, sweetened.

LTTGWASINDH: Ha, sweetened.

(PSHBWASBO grabs his coffee. They start towards the door.)

PSHBWASBO: Wait, where are we going again?


PSHBWASBO:  Oh, cool.

(They exit.)

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