Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dog Days of Summer

To read this post, you need to know that my roommate got a dog (a beagle/ chihuahua mix) and then gave it away to our friend because it was too much work. I still pine for this dog every day.

I'm on the elevator when my Cute Little Old Dominican Lady Neighbor Who Always Wears a Pink Sweater gets on.

Me: Good morning.
CLODLNWAWAPS: Where your cute little dog?
Me: Oh. Yes. We, um, we had to give him away.
CLODLNWAWAPS: No! No! He was so cute! So cute!
Me: I know, I know. We loved him...but...It just didn't work out.
CLODLNWAWAPS: Oh no! That cute little dog? Oh no!
Me: Yeah, it was sad.
CLODLNWAWAPS: Why you no keep that cute little dog? Little spots? Such a good boy! So cute.
Me: Yup. He...he was. Very cute.
CLODLNWAWAPS: So you give him up? Why? Why?
Me: Well, you know, lifestyle wise, it just wasn't a good fit for us...and, it wasn't nice for him.
(the elevator doors open, we walk out)
CLODLNWAWAPS: Well, same is true of my kids, but I kept them!
(CLODLNWAWAPS hysterically laughs)
Me: Ha. Um. Ha...
CLODLNWAWAPS: I didn't give them up!
Me: (Walking away) Well, have a nice day...
CLODLNWAWAPS:  (ignoring me, laughing to herself as she walks away) Maybe I should have...Maybe...I should...have...

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